MASSUGO is a strong advocate for holistic approach to well-being, and we believe in the power of small business and cohesiveness to deliver positive results.  We also understand that from a consumer's perspective it is not always easy to trust a small business when it comes to value and quality, so we are working with a number of affiliated businesses to create a network of trusted service providers that you will be able to access without any doubts and reservations.  We will endeavor to grow this network in order to be able to provide you with more options as you set out on your path to better living.

Corporate Yoga Melbourne service an array of large corporate companies across Melbourne.  Their professionalism and extensive experience always deliver outstanding results.  To find out more please visit their site

Lion Global HR is a global provider of high quality Professional Learning & Development Resources for modern business.  For more info please visit their site


InFitPTv provide a range of corporate fitness services that will increase the physical strength and stamina as well as inspire motivation, drive and determination.  For more detail please visit their site: